Brochures, postcards, logos, oh my!

Vet Postcard

Project Details: Design a two sided promotional postcard to be mailed to prospective vet clinics clients. Backside of postcard has a detachable magnet calendar.

CG cover

Project Details: Layout and design of Church Guide (over 80 pages) two times a year.


Project Details: Design a visually exciting tri-fold brochure for landscape company.

Bread of life pc

Project Details: Design an Easter announcement for local church.

Pain Assessment PC-1

Project Details: Design a promotional postcard to be send to prospective healthcare professional clients with a Bandaid shaped removable magnet on backside.

Mesa Verde Hang Tag

Project Details: Design a full color hat tag for the Junior Rangers at Mesa Verde National Park, CO.


Project Details: Design a full color postcard for a commercial real estate firm.


Project Details: Design a high school fundraiser swing dance ticket and accompanying poster.


Project Details: Design an promotional giveaway to promote the importance of breast cancer screening. Promotion features a bag of pink M&M’s attached to a card for various hospitals.


Project Details: Design a visually eye catching wall mural featuring the school slogan for elementary.

Get Ready Campaign

Project Details: Design an eye-catching logo to be printed on all merchandising, advertising and giveaways at trade show.


Project Details: Create hat tag for Junior Rangers Grand Canyon.

Reed Brochure-2

Project Details: Create a full color informational brochure with gate fold for local dentist.


Sample Logos


One thought on “Brochures, postcards, logos, oh my!

  1. Hi Jeri! I’ve just launched a new online workplace focused on meritocracy and transparency: And of course I’m looking for talented designers. If you have a minute or two could you check it out and tell me what you think? I would be really grateful!
    Anyway have a great day!

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